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CareerLabsVR is designed to enhance the career decision making process. The use of VR allows job seekers to experience an occupation first hand, while educating and empowering them to more confidently prepare for their future.


Career Labs is all about exploration and discovery. Through in-depth consultations with industry experts and in partnership with the Employment + Education Centre, we have developed VR experiences that give your clients a true representation of what it would be like to work in a particular industry. This leads to better career decisions and employee retention.

Client Benefits

Clients gain the practical benefits of comfortably exploring new industries. This allows job seekers to narrow the gap between impression and reality and supports better-informed decisions regarding future career choices.

Coach Benefits

The experience enhances assessment and understanding of your clients by providing the opportunity to observe performance, reactions and responses. More accurate assessments can lead to increased job retention, higher motivation and ultimately financial security for the clients you work with.

Employer Benefits

Potential employers gain access to candidates with a better understanding of their industry; candidates who have pre-determined that they are truly interested in working in the sector.

Words don't do VR justice.

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