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What Is OneBoxVR?

The OneboxVR system is a combination of industry-leading hardware, custom-built software, staff training and live support. Our state-of-the-art programs allow job-seekers to explore exciting, high demand career opportunities using the powers of Virtual Reality. Designed specifically for educators and career practitioners, OneBoxVR is everything your organization needs to start using Virtual Reality in the workplace. Let us help you propel your organization into the future.

Sample and Explore Career Opportunities

OneBoxVR's revolutionary new software, designed specifically for employment and education centres, allows career-seekers to explore different career paths and learn by doing in a realistic and immersive environment.

Excite, Motivate and Understand your Clients

OneBoxVR is an engaging and effective tool that can help you to develop a deeper understanding of your clients. This should lead to better career placements and a higher level of job retention.

Overcome Obstacles

OneBoxVR can help clients overcome fears and anxieties related to on-the-job learning and a lack of experience. It enables clients to build confidence and develop transferable skills.

“I believe OneBoxVR is a great way for clients to build confidence in a safe and controlled environment. It allows coaches to provide real-time support with problem solving and decision making for on-the-job scenarios. Overall, OneBoxVR is going to become vital for career decision making, attainment, and retention. I believe that every client should be able to access this as an enhanced learning tool.”

Kira MerrittYouth Job Connection Facilitator

“OneBoxVR provides excitement and exposure to something new. Most of our participants in "Women in Trades", have never stepped foot on a trades based job site. This is an exciting new way to prepare them for the ultimate new experience – a full time career in trades.”

Jamie PateWomen in Trades Coordinator

Words don't do VR justice.

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